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There is no question the cost of medical malpractice cases keeps going up.  The rising cost impacts what physicians pay for liability insurance and, in turn, what they must charge for their services.

We do everything possible to reduce this expense, from streamlining paperwork to looking for innovative legal arguments.  When possible we coordinate work with other defendants or proposed limited discovery processes.  

We pride ourselves in utilizing new technologies to maintain our quality and efficiency.  Conklin Cardone & Rutberg has invested in a state-of-the-art software system that streamlines communication, document preparation and legal research.  Utilizing technology allows quick access to our paperless files and the invaluable ability to search medical records, pleadings and discovery documents.  

These capabilities facilitate prompt communication with our clients, efficient maintenance of files and rapid retrieval of necessary information at trial.  Our background as medical malpractice attorneys means we review medical records and process information faster and less expensively than attorneys with less experience in the medical field.
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