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Becoming involved in a lawsuit can be a significant event for anyone, but especially for health care professionals who strive to care for the very patients now criticizing them.

The highly professional legal team at Conklin Cardone & Rutberg is here to guide health care professionals through the emotional and legal pitfalls that ensue with every malpractice action.  

Let our experience work for you.
We are available to step in as soon as a medical professional is aware they are being investigated by the Colorado Medical Board, Board of Nursing or Board of Dentistry.  By getting involved early, our lawyers are frequently able to fend off actions that could lead to the loss of a medical license.

This is your livelihood.  Let us help.

All too often, administrators and risk managers find themselves in situations where there are more questions than answers.  The attorneys at Conklin Cardone & Rutberg regularly assist hospitals and healthcare companies not only with filed malpractice actions, but also with the various aspects of policies and planning to minimize exposure to risk and liabilities.

Address the issues before they become problems.  
To discuss your specific defense needs, contact us online or call (303) 321-1980.